About Academy of Enlightened Leadership and Achievement

The Academy of Enlightened Leadership and Achievement was created with the intended purpose of, and commitment to, providing educational tools which enhance our students lives by increasing their skills, broadening their awareness, and elevating their accomplishments; all of this in order to ensure them the opportunity to live much more aligned, and deeply fulfilling lives.

About The Trainer

Hi, my name is Mark Schultz. I was first introduced to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as part of a sales training in 2014. I found it incredibly fascinating and was determined to learn more about it in the future. Later, I studied to become a practitioner of it, and several other incredible techniques. These things changed my life. So much so, in fact, that I have now committed my career to teaching and improving them.

In my own coaching business, I've been using these bodies of work to facilitate tremendous growth and positive emotional breakthrough for my clients. As a trainer, I have committed to using and sharing my experience to provide my students with the best education possible, ensuring they have the skills and confidence necessary to hit the ground running upon completion of any training. I measure my success by the success my clients achieve as a result of our time together. I look forward to supporting you on your growth journey!

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